Some Favourite Essential Oils

We love our essential oils!

We love our essential oils!

SeaLuxe loves essential oils. We have written about how oils have been used for centuries by different cultures and we love infusing some of our products with them for those wonderful scents.

They often have emotional uses as well as physical ones which we find so interesting!

Here are some of our favourites:


Emotional use: Happy, courageous. Physical use: Stress-easing, constipation, antidepressant.


Emotional use: Uplifting, clarifying. Physical use: Stimulates brain function, immune support, stimulates weight loss.


Emotional use: Creativity, positivity. Physical use: Insomnia, nervous tension, stretch marks, eczema, skin rejuvenator


Emotional use: Balancing, uplifting. Physical use: Antiseptic, cold sores, urinary tract infections, acne.


Emotional use: Euphoric, wellbeing. Physical use: Menstrual pain, menopause, stress, tension.


Emotional use: Connection, insight. Physical use: Chronic bronchitis, all skin conditions, shaving rashes.

Ylang ylang

Emotional use: Pacifies, sensuous. Physical use: Calms heart rate, aphrodisiac.

Wild thyme

Emotional use: Decisiveness, focus. Physical use: Diuretic, nightmares, cold/flu symptoms.


Emotional use: Stimulating, mental clarity. Physical use: irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, the common cold, headaches.


Emotional use: Study aid, fatigue. Physical use: Supports liver and gallbladder, indigestion.


Emotional use: Promotes sleep, uplifts mood. Physical use: Helps prevent tooth decay, anti-inflammatory, healthy digestion, diuretic, cholesterol.


Emotional use: Calming, comforting. Physical use: Stomach and liver tonic, detoxification, antibacterial.


Emotional use: Confidence, focus. Physical use: Dandruff, astringent, skin eruptions, oily hair.


Emotional use: Patience, control. Physical use: Asthma, bronchitis, varicose veins, menopause, emphysema.

These are just some of our favourite oils. Remember, they are no substitute for medical care in certain cases. Check with your doctor if you have any concerns.

There are many ways to use oils even if you don’t have a diffuser. You can:

  • Place 1-3 drops in your hands and inhale deeply for one minute.

  • Add at least 20 drops to a 100ml spray bottle.

  • Add 6-8 drops to ½ cup of sea salts for an aromatic and healing bath.

  • Add 1 drop of oil to a capful of shampoo or conditioning treatments.

As we like to sign off for our smoothie recipes, blend and enjoy!