Powder Power

Eight Things You Should Know About Using SeaLuxe’s Powdered Face Masks


  1. Aside from our Seaweed Mask, our masks are not vegan. We've added goat milk powder to the Rose, Alabaster and Charcoal masks. Goat milk has the same pH level as our human skin which helps to balance and relieve inflammation. It also contains amino acids that helps to repair and moisturize. 
  2. All of our face masks contain seaweed. Seaweed has twice as many concentrated vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids than "super-food" and those benefits are easily accessed by skin cells. Seaweed also helps bring blood to the surface of your skin, which speeds up collagen production and cell repair.
  3. What's that smell?! This is one of the most common questions we hear about our masks. Sure, fresh seaweed doesn't exactly smell like roses, but it's good for you. And don't worry- you won't smell like seaweed after you've completed your mask treatment. The only trace will be the glow of your skin!
  4. There are no preservatives added to SeaLuxe’s masks. This is why they are in a powdered form. No preservatives means no ugly chemicals for your skin to absorb. 
  5. Some people may experience a flushed/red face after using one of our seaweed masks. This is perfectly normal and disappears quickly. Seaweed contains niacin which speeds up blood flow and brings it to the surface. The skin flush you might experience means that the seaweed is working its magic. Having said that, some people won't get a flushed face (I don't anymore) but that doesn't mean it's not working.
  6. Our masks are nutrient-rich. They are made up of only 50% clay, which is added to help draw out toxins from your pores. The other 50% consists of botanicals and goat milk. I don't like the skin-drying properties of many commercially produced masks that contain a higher percentage of clay, so I made these four masks to eliminate toxins while boosting my skin health while giving it some moisture.
  7. These masks were not made for any specific skin type; the packaging is just a guideline on what each specific ingredient helps with. I made them based on what I like to use at different times of the month, or for changing seasons, or for when I experience breakouts. I like to constantly give my skin vitamins from different sources. I encourage you to try them all and to switch them up regularly. Your skin will thank you by looking great!
  8. If you find you made too much face mask, no problem! Just keep the unused portion in the fridge for up to five days. Treat it as you would any fresh food – use quickly otherwise it will lose its potency and need to be thrown out.