Me Likes What Me Likes - Olive Oil


On Make-Up Remover...

Regular readers of this blog likely understand we advocate using natural skincare products. Not only are they generally better for you, but they’re also a heck of a lot less expensive than the stuff on the shelves.

Take make-up remover for instance. There are so many products for sale touted to removing makeup. Some of them cost upwards 30 to 40 dollars! Granted, many of the drug store variety aren’t overly expensive and there’s a reason you won’t pay more than 10 bucks for it – most of them list their first ingredient as being glycerin. Don't get me wrong, all of our soap (or any natural hand-made soap) contains a decent amount of glycerin. We love glycerin and what it does to keep our skin moisturized and while glycerin isn’t bad for your skin (it can be synthesized or obtained from natural sources such as cane or corn syrup sugar), do you know what glycerin’s biggest job in these products is? It is used to prevent the product from drying out into a crumble.

One of our favourite and effective make-up removers can be found in your kitchen pantry – olive oil. We apply it to a make-up remover cloth (or, when it’s in the wash, a cotton ball) and it wipes away make-up with great ease, leaving your skin feeling moisturized. Of course, follow up with a mild soap to cleanse and then apply your favourite moisturizer.

Olive oil is known to also contain Vitamins A, D, and K and is also an antioxidant. As with anything you put on your skin, please note olive oil may not be suitable for those who suffer from dermatitis and other skin conditions. If you have sensitive skin, do an allergy test on your forearm 24 to 48 hours prior to using it on your face.