Guys, This One's for You

Okay, guys! This one is for you. A fellow contacted me over the weekend to say he felt most skin care blogs were aimed at women, and he wanted some tips on “guy skin.” He brought up a good point – while men also deal with the same issues as women when it comes to skin such as sensitivity, acne and ageing, men’s skin is a bit different from female skin.

Thick Skin

Testosterone gives skin on guys a different structure; generally speaking, males have thicker and oilier skin. It also ages differently. Male skin contains quite a bit more collagen – that protein that gives us plumpness – than female skin.  Almost 20% more which makes me quite jealous! Males have more sebaceous glands than women and their sebum production is almost double than that of a female’s so men are usually more prone to oily skin and acne.

On the ageing front, signs show later on male skin than they do on female skin because of the thickness (about 20 to 30%). However, when men do age, their skin ages faster than that of females and their wrinkles are more pronounced because their skin is that much thicker. Age also shows up on males quite suddenly as they tend to not take quite good care of their skin like their female counterparts (a generalization, I know!).

Skincare for Men

Both men and women benefit from healthy maintenance when it comes to skincare but men should pay special attention to their cleaner. A great facial cleanser that also acts as an exfoliant helps those who regularly shave; taking off dead skin cells means the razor has a smooth surface which helps prevent ingrown hairs. (On the shaving note – go for a smooth lotion rather than a lathering cream because a lotion will help the blade get closer to the skin’s surface.)

As men are oilier than women, having a good moisturizer that is both lightweight and oil-free is a great idea. And, please do not forget sunscreen. Men tend to not be as diligent as protecting their skin from the sun as women are (sorry to generalize again, but that’s the truth!) and therefore are at a higher risk of skin cancer.

So, there is something to be said for products that are geared towards guys. They really are formulated differently because our skin and their skin really is different!