The Gentlest Clay of All

When an ingredient has been used through the ages, it’s not unusual for it to pick up many different names along the way. Kaolinite, also known as kaolin, white clay, and china clay, has been used for centuries. Its earliest use was for pottery (thought by many to be the first clay used by our ancestors) and some also use it internally to aid with the digestive system. It is a mineral mostly found in soil where rocks have been weathered in hot and damp climates and often has a pink or greenish hue from either iron oxide or decomposing plant material. The whiter the clay, though, the better quality it is.

So Versatile

It is unbelievably versatile; not only is it one of the main components of porcelain, but it is often used as a light-diffusing layer in white light bulbs!

Why Our Skin Loves It

Kaolinite is also used in skin care products, and it is one of the star ingredients in our popular Alabaster Face Mask.

Kaolinite is a wonderful skin care product because it is the mildest of clays that can be used with a wide range of skin types. It gently cleanses pores without causing irritation, acts as an anti-inflammatory and its silkiness is also stimulating for the skin and, with regular use, can result in a tightened appearance.

We also use Kaolinite in our Pretty in Pink soap, our Rose Mask and our Charcoal Mask.