Being Happy with an Imperfect Present

We love to talk skin care here on this blog. Regular followers know that, and they also know we also talk about general health from time to time – whether it’s a post for a healthy smoothie recipe or tips on how to feel better mentally. Christmas is four days away and while we hope you’re having a wonderful season of celebration we also recognize this time of the year is particularly tough for some.

We read a recent newspaper column by Vancouver doctor Davidicus Wong that struck a chord with us so we thought we’d include highlights on this blog post. 

He wrote, “It is the contrast between what we’d like and what we have that brings suffering.” We thought about this and realized that Christmas can bring an impossible measuring stick with it. Did you spend as much as your friends on gifts for your children? Are you sad and lost in Christmases past, before your mother passed away? Or before the split from your partner? There’s myriad reasons for the contrast.

“Let us choose to be happy with an imperfect present and in spite of the past – all the good in your life today may not be here tomorrow. Don’t miss out on what you have this day. The present – with its transient blessings and brief opportunities – may be your greatest gift.”

The full column can be read in the Vancouver Courier newspaper right here.

We think you might enjoy it.