Holiday Self-Care

Christmas tree lights

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

The holiday season is upon us and everybody is busy with shopping for the perfect gifts, baking delicious goods, and making plans to visit loved ones. Every day comes with a packed to-do list and we often find ourselves at the bottom; the hustle and bustle gives us an easy excuse to neglect ourselves.

The stress and the madness this season can bring takes a toll on your energy levels - and that shows on your skin and your face. It's necessary to find some time - even just a little bit of time - to give yourself the love and attention you deserve. Not only will your skin thank you but so will your mental well-being.

Stress isn’t the only culprit that takes a toll on your skin. The endless merry-making festivities filled with booze, sugary baked goods and carb laden foods have a huge impact as well. Read on for three easy ways to keep your skin (and your mood) merry and bright throughout the holidays.

Take time for yourself

Set aside time every day to do something for yourself. It can be a bath, a face mask, a pedicure, digging into a book (even if it's just one chapter!), watching a Christmas movie. Whatever it is make your time non-negotiable. Schedule this space into your to-do list and make it a priority. I’m lucky I have easy access to relaxing bath teas like Feeling Groovy but you don’t need add anything but water to your bath to get some quality relaxation. When you give yourself the little gift of time and love, you come back to your task list feeling refreshed, focussed and able to accomplish much more. Consider this to be your own personal time out.

Pack snacks, meal prep and drink plenty of water

Everybody wakes up with the intention of eating healthy but the ones who are successful are the ones who plan ahead. You're busy, sometimes meals get skipped, your belly is empty and there is a plate full of delicious bars and cookies. Good intentions are thrown out the door. We've been there.

Eat that butter tart but don’t make a meal out of the dessert tray because you skipped your last meal.

Everyone knows the consequences sugar-carb filled snacks have on your waistline but what you might not know is that sugar impacts your skin's ability to heal. Sugar dehydrates cells and stops collagen production. You need healthy collagen to plump up your cells and hold water to protect your skin from the environment.

Tender loving care for your skin

With cooler temperatures, normal washing and moisturizing is often not enough. Show your skin some love by using a face mask. A face mask is a healthy way to let your skin know you appreciate it for its hard work in protecting you from the environment. Our face masks contain half clay and half skin-nourishing ingredients so you won’t find them as drying as a typical mask. I recommend steaming your face first for the ultimate luxury and benefits to your skin, masking followed up by cold rinsing. The sensory stimulation of the heat and steam really get your cells jumping.

We here at SeaLuxe hope these tips helps you not only survive, but enjoy this time of the year!