Healing with Sea Water

Before I got into skin care, I mean really got into it beyond throwing Seabreeze on my face to deal with zits, I thought that swimming in the ocean was bad for the skin.

My long hair always felt matted after swimming in salt water and, if I didn’t rinse right away, downright crusty. My skin felt tight and dried out like stretched canvas. So, no wonder I assumed going into the sea was a thing to avoid.

Little did I know! Sea salt is jammed packed with minerals (click here to see the full list). Magnesium, calcium, potassium are all skin-loving minerals that are hugely beneficial for various skin conditions. Sea salt actually absorbs toxins on the skin, including the nasty bacteria that leads to acne. It is also wonderful for treatment of infections. If you suffer from eczema, a dip in the ocean will potentially relieve those red, itchy and swollen symptoms thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of magnesium. Same goes for sufferers of psoriasis who have found the combination of sea water and sun to improve their symptoms. Yet – common sense, like with anything else, should reign supreme. If your skin doesn’t react well to ocean water, then avoid. Don’t swim with open wounds as this may expose you to potential bacterial infections.

Of course, if you don’t live by the ocean, you can make your own sea salt by missing Epsom salts with water. Not only is it a wonderful method of relieving aches in the bath but consider using the mix in a spray bottle to mist any problem skin areas.

Heat equal parts water and Epsom salts in a pot on the stove to dissolve the Epsom salt crystals. Let cool then pour into a spray bottle. If you find this solution to be too much for the skin (stinging due to the magnesium) then dilute it a bit. We also like to use a couple drops of hydrosol (SeaLuxe’s Rose Goddess Nectar is naturally a favourite) to give it a lovely scent. If the solution dries out the skin too much, rinse it off after letting it sit on your skin for 30 minutes and apply your favourite body butter.