Gym Skin

Well, sure – who wouldn’t rather binge-watch shows on Netflix instead of getting a sweat on? We all know exercise is healthy. It’s great for our body, it’s great for our mind. It’s also great for our skin. Which, admittedly, is sometimes the thing that gets us off the couch.

That glow you have after getting your sweat on? That’s not your imagination. Your blood is pumping more during your workouts which improves the circulation of oxygen and nutrients in your body. This includes flushing through your skin. You look naturally radiant for about an hour after getting your heart rate up. Of course, those with sensitive skin or rosacea may find their skin looks worse during exercise. Keeping the body temperature steady will help not trigger rosacea. For example, don’t go for a work out on the beach in the summer at noon! Try working out in an air-conditioned gym instead and remember to rinse the sweat off your skin as soon as possible. While sweat is sterile – we need to sweat for thermoregulation to cool down – it can irritate sensitive skin. Keep a cold towel on hand for those hard (indoor) cardio sessions!

There is a study that indicates exercise can stimulate collagen production. Collagen provides skin with that youthful plumpness. The more the blood flows, the more it helps skin cells regenerate. A dermatologist pal of ours recommends doing cardio at 40 to 60 percent of your maximum heart rate, three to five times a week. (Of course, check with your doctor before starting any exercise plan.)

There is also the school of thought that says super intense cardio can actually age your skin if you’ve been working out near your maximum heart rate for long periods of time. You might have heard of something called “gym face” that comes with dramatic weight loss from excessive cardio.

As we’ve mentioned before, moderation is key. Happy sweating!