Feeling Bliss with Citrus

Has your January turned into Drag-uary? One of the simplest ways to perk yourself up during the grey months of the year can be with the use of citrus. Citrus oils have been known to improve one’s mood just with a whiff. We love to use citrus essential oils in a diffuser especially during this time of the year for not only boosting the immune system but to increase energy levels (some also say it also eases anxiety!).

Our Citrus Soleil is one of our most popular handmade soap bars. Not only does it contain four different citrus essential oils and the beautiful moisturizing power of shea nut butter, but it also packs turmeric. Why turmeric? In addition to being a gentle exfoliator, turmeric has powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help stimulate blood circulation as well as fights acne while giving one’s skin a youthful glow.

Citrus Soleil is so popular we have a new citrus-based product joining SeaLuxe’s line-up this year. We’ll be announcing it shortly (and we think you’ll love it!).

Stay tuned!