The Clean on Facial Cleansers

Have you ever wondered why some companies charge so much for their facial cleansers? The short answer – because they can. We’ve touched on the power of marketing in this blog before, but let’s apply it to something that’s on your face typically for, what, all of a few seconds.

Cleansers have one job – to remove make-up, dead skin cells, dirt and oil. Good cleansers usually are cream or oil-based and come with skin conditioning butters and/or oils that dissolve excess grease and grime. These are great for those with a variety of skin types as they don’t suck out all the moisture from your skin as a traditional cleansing bar of soap does. (To be fair, some people love using plain ol' soap on their face and find it’s an essential part of their skin routine.)

Any cleanser that boasts antioxidants or retinol is pointless. It's a waste of money as it gets washed down the drain soon after application. Cleansers don’t sit on the skin that long so any added benefit a product touts is nothing more than a marketing ploy. We recommend saving those skin care products with the expensive ingredients for serums or moisturizers so they have time to absorb.

If you are using a cleanser that you love, even if it has excess ingredients (and that's okay! It really is a matter of personal preference!), why not use it to its maximum potential? While you understandably may be in a rush out the door every morning, at nighttime give it an extra two minutes to sit on your skin. Using your fingertips, lightly trace your face in circular motions, sweeping the product upwards. This motion stimulates your skin’s blood flow and gives that cleanser some extra time to give it all before washing it away!