The Secret of One of the Most Infamous Moisturizers

You’ve probably heard of Crème de la Mer.

It is perhaps one of the most infamous moisturizers out there. Even the backstory behind the cream is legendary. For those who don’t know, it was invented by a Dr. Max Huber who apparently suffered burns in a lab accident during the 1950s while working on a rocket stabilizer. Huber was said to be an aerospace physicist by day and star gazer by night. He searched and experimented and then found an amazing combination that he called Miracle Broth™ that transformed the look of his skin. Somebody once commented, “he had the skin of a 12-year-old.”

Seaweed is one of the key ingredients of La Mer AND SeaLuxe products.

Seaweed is one of the key ingredients of La Mer AND SeaLuxe products.

Fast forward to 2019 – that cream runs from $260 for its new moisturizing lotion to more than $2,095 for a 16-ounce jar of the original.

While there are conspiracy theories abound around the cream (is Max Huber real? Enough people have met him to say, yes, he was very real. Others claim La Mer is nothing more than fancy Vaseline. Who knows?) one thing is true - at the heart of Miracle Broth™ is sea kelp.

So, the story goes, the sea kelp is shipped from off the coast of Vancouver Island to Estée Lauder’s La Mer labs in New York (Estée Lauder acquired La Mer in 1995, after Huber’s alleged death in 1991). The kelp is fermented for three months to sounds of a soundtrack and pulsed light. These sound and light waves, apparently, make the broth active. The broth’s biggest benefit is said to be for its anti-inflammatory qualities.

You, dear reader, already know why. Seaweed has hydrating effects on the skin and is also rich in minerals.

Aaaannnnd seaweed (yes, sourced from the same waters as La Mer’s) is used in SeaLuxe’s products.

We went to SeaLuxe captain Tanya Droege to explain more. Kelp has an extremely strong cell membrane, she explained.

“It’s an impressive barrier, that’s why it can withstand so many stresses such as weathering from the tides and currents yet is still able to hold and absorb nutrients.”

SeaLuxe ferments the locally-sourced seaweed and the powder gets used in many of its products. Take the facial masks, for instance.

The Rose Mask contains bladderwack along with rose which works to repair damaged skin and evens out skin tone. The Alabaster Mask contains not only contains bladderwack but also dulce, which is especially great for sensitive skin. The Seaweed Mask contains kelp and Irish moss which studies show increase collagen production in your skin. The Charcoal Mask has kelp along with activated charcoal and those two super powers combine for a wonderful detox. There’s even fermented kelp in our popular Rose Goddess Nectar.

While I’m afraid we don’t sing to our seaweed (not intentionally anyway – we’re a pretty happy lot in the lab at SeaLuxe so song can break out) or flash pulsating lights, I think you’ll find that these products will rival those pricey creams any day.