Say No to Reptilian Skin

Over on SeaLuxe’s Instagram account we recently posted about exfoliating. The exact words were “…scrub off a heavy layer of winter skin” which got a guffaw from the fellows in this lady’s life.

“But before, just let me reach into the closet to get my summer skin suit ready!”


“What am I, then, reptilian and grey from *winter*?” (No comment on that one.)

If it isn’t already, exfoliation should be a crucial part of your skin routine. Your skin is always shedding cells. Smoother skin cells push their way to the surface of your skin and replaces the dead and dull (as well as potentially pore-plugging ones). As we get older, this skin cell exchange gets slower. While you may not completely appear “reptilian and grey” your skin will look dull. Exfoliation helps clear away dead skin, a first assist in the anti-aging process.

To break it down, exfoliation benefits include:

  • Improving tone
  • Softens skin
  • Controls oil overproduction
  • Minimalizes blackheads and pores (and unclogs them)
  • Helps with the anti-aging process

When using a physical facial scrub look for natural products such as SeaLuxe’s Breakfast Scrub Bar. For example, the Breakfast Scrub Bar features a heaping tablespoon of fair trade coffee grinds as well as organic oats. It’s great to use all over your body but, for your face, rub the soap between your hands or a facial cloth before applying in a circular motion. It’s important to apply gently to avoid irritation or inflammation. Do this one to three times a week, depending on your skin’s sensitivity.

We also recommend following up exfoliation with your favourite toner. This rebalances your skin’s pH levels.

Enjoy your fresh skin (and not looking reptilian)!