Happy Essential Oils Day!

Happy Essential Oils Day!

July 11th honours the benefits that essential oils provide to us. Yes, the “holiday” was proclaimed by a company last year but, hey, we can get behind it as SeaLuxe loves all the natural goodness (as we use ‘em in our products, too!).

The company, Young Living Essential Oils, calls itself the world leader in essential oils and established the day as a way to help oil enthusiasts around the world share its powers. Not only that, but the company promotes oil enthusiasts to plant a tree or other botanical in support of environmental conservation.

Lavender fields forever…

Lavender fields forever…

While the holiday (okay, not really a holiday as I don’t know anybody who got the day off) celebrates its second year, essential oils have been around for centuries. Their use varies from culture to culture, from religious ceremonies to healing the sick.

Cave paintings found in Lascaux, France, suggest the use of medicinal plants as far back as 18,000 B.C.E. and there is lots of evidence to support the fact Egyptians used aromatic oils (otherwise known as essential oils) as early as 4500 B.C.E. At the height of Egypt’s power, only priests were permitted to use aromatic oils. Special fragrances were dedicated to each deity and pharaohs had their own special “magic potions” for love, war, and healing.

Essential oils were also used in China, particularly by those who practiced medicine. India has used essential oils for healing purposes for the last three thousand years and they play an integral part of the Indian Ayurvedic medical system

They were used in other societies as well including Europe, where Knights carried oils with them while learning of distillation processes in the Middle East during the Crusades. The Greeks, particularly well-known physician Hippocrates, used essential oils in holistic healing. Then there was Rome where they were known for pampering themselves with the oils, either using them on their skin, or in massage and baths.

The essential oil market in the United States alone (data for Canada was unavailable) has grown 200% since 2012. The reason behind this boom are several, according to Cosmetics Design.

  • Consumers are turning towards using natural scents more than ever, aware of the dangers synthetic scents can present.

  • Stress. While baby boomers have bought into the idea of essential oils as they lived through the natural health boom of the 1960s and 1970s, millennials are a new market. Those in the 13-34 age range are constantly stressed and are looking for natural ways to de-stress.

  •  Accessibility and affordability. Products, from ready-mixed essential oil concoctions to diffusers, are widely available these days.

We love our essential oils. How can you beat the lovely smells and the positive effects they have?