Our Pulse Speeds for Dulce

You may think, “Hey I eat seaweed all the time – I eat sushi!” and think that you’re reaping the benefits from drinking miso soup and eating your six California rolls. Sorry to break the news but that’s the equivalent to eating the decorative parsley on your plate in a restaurant and thinking you’ve basically eaten a hearty salad as far as good health is concerned.

We’ve written about the benefits of seaweed a number of times on this blog. It’s incredible for the skin as well as a part of our diets because of the off-the-chart levels of protein, fibre, vitamins, trace minerals, and antioxidants. While using seaweed is not a new idea – Northern Europeans have been aware of seaweed’s benefits for centuries – we North Americans are just clueing in.

As many of you know from our products, SeaLuxe loves seaweed. We receive so many positive comments from those who use our products for daily care, pampering, and for skin care medicinal purposes.  Along with that valuable feedback, we also receive questions on how to incorporate seaweed into a diet.

So, over the next few months, we’re going to blog about the different kinds of seaweed.

First up is dulcE

Dulce is a marine algae that grows along the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines. It looks like leafy red lettuce. It’s picked during summer to fall at low tide and harvesters typically wash and dry it immediately before packaging it for powders and seasoning mixes (fresh dulce tastes overwhelmingly salty so you’re not missing out). If you can find packaged strips of  whole dulce (check your nearest health food store), fry it with oil over medium-heat for two minutes. The flavour is identical to smoky bacon and is excellent with eggs for breakfast or in a BLT sandwich for lunch.

Good news on the availability front: biologists at Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Centre have experimented with growing dulce year-round. According to this CBC article, farmed dulce is an environmentally sustainable solution to harvesting the wild sea green as demand grows. 

Good luck with your hunt for dulce! We have a feeling it's going to be the next superfood of choice.