Forecast for Dewy Skin

When Hollywood runs out of ideas, they remake old movies. When the fashion industry runs out of ideas, it creates skin trends. Granted, other than having healthy skin, there is not a lot of creative room here. We’ll likely never see models with fake acne walking the runway or harsh blushes to resemble rosea!  

People have taken note of one of the many trends on the runways of the spring/summer 2018 fashion shows – and one of them is fresh, dewy skin. The beauty world is going au natural as far as our faces are concerned, leaving heavy makeup behind. In Korea, the trend is one step beyond. Many women are embracing something called “glass skin” which means skin that is smooth, reflective, and clear.

Achieving a clear and glowing complexion does take some work. The key three steps include exfoliation, toning and moisturizing. Where this might differ from your usual routine is choice of products. Look for a hydrating toner and a light moisturizer that doesn’t heavily sit on the skin.

As for exfoliation, it’s important to use a product that a. doesn’t damage the skin and b. doesn’t contain microbeads (we’ve talked about how awful these are for the environment and we still see some of these products on store shelves). SeaLuxe’s Goddess Grains Facial Cleanser is a wonderful skin polisher that refines your skin’s texture. With its great cast of ingredients that include oryza sativa (rice), phaseolus angurlaris (adzuki beans), avena sativa (oat straw), foeniculum vulgare (fennel seed), rosa dameasca (rose powder), calendula, algae, carrageenan, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) it is gentle enough to use every day. 

Enjoy your dewy and glossy complexion!