Seaweed in the Media

The CBC published an interesting article yesterday that’s close to our hearts – cooking with seaweed. While many cultures have used seaweed as an ingredient for centuries – including coastal indigenous communities – many North Americans have overlooked cooking with sea greens, according to CBC food columnist Gail Johnson.

“Sea greens… as versatile, exciting ingredients, [are] a food trend that’s only going to continue to grow,” said Johnson in an interview with CBC's On the Coast. She went on to say – and we here at SeaLuxe love this comment -  kelp is the new kale. (Check out the full interview here.)

We here at SeaLuxe absolutely adore seaweed. We cook with it because it’s packed with micronutrients, including vitamins A, C, E, K and B along with calcium. It’s also a wonderful ingredient because it is low-fat but also high in fibre which helps control blood sugar levels and contributes to healthy bowels.

Seaweed Skin

Seaweed is featured in many of our skin-care products because of its myriad benefits ranging from hydration to anti-aging. Seaweed can help increase skin cell turnover which not only helps with overall appearance but regular use can help reduce sun damage as well as the appearance of age spots. It is also a wonderful tool to combat acne as it soothes away inflammation. Products such as our Seaweed Face Mask are powerful skin boosters as it draws out excess fluid, dead skin cells and toxins as well as promoting suppleness and elasticity. 

As you can see, you just can't go wrong with seaweed!