Join Us for SeaLuxe's Beach Clean-Up!

Crescent Beach at dusk. Photo: Kyle Pierce

Crescent Beach at dusk. Photo: Kyle Pierce

Guys! What are you doing tomorrow morning?

If you’d like to hang with us and do something feel-good, come join SeaLuxe for a beach clean-up. We’ll be working on our local seashore and SeaLuxe’s home base of Crescent Beach. We’ll meet at Hooked Fish Bar at the end of Beecher Street at 10:30 a.m.

SeaLuxe will supply those nifty litter-pickers, gloves, and bags.

Our clean-up is part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup which became a national conservation initiative in 2002. Pubic support of the GCSC grew as Canadians became more aware of the harmful effects of shoreline litter on ecosystems, wildlife, and people. The program, started by volunteers and employees at the Vancouver Aquarium in 1994, now is partnered with WWF-Canada.

The GCSC is recognized as one of the largest direct action conservation programs in Canada. Click here if you’d like to learn more, or even organize your own clean-up!

Research has shown that local beach clean-ups do a world of good. Floating plastic waste that ranges from shopping bags, bottles and caps, as well as old clothing wash out into the ocean from rivers and sewers. Larger plastics are broken down into smaller fragments that can last for years and years. Those are swallowed by marine life and enter the food chain, disrupting fragile ecosystems.

Cleaning up our shorelines is even more beneficial than dealing with the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, researchers added.

“The Great Pacific garbage patch has a huge mass of microplastics, but the largest flow of plastics is actually off the coasts, where it enters the oceans,” according to an analysis by oceanographer Dr Erik van Sebille and undergraduate student Peter Sherman at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment at Imperial College London.

“It makes sense to remove plastics where they first enter the ocean around dense coastal economic and population centres where there is a lot of marine life,” said Dr. van Sebille. “It also means you can remove the plastics before they have had a chance to do harm. Plastics in the patch have traveled a long way and potentially already have done a lot of harm.”

This is key. While beach clean-ups like the one SeaLuxe is organizing for tomorrow do some good for the local beach (it could save an animal or two) more importantly it shows people the effects of their careless actions along with help stopping the flow of plastic at its source.

Unfortunately the reality is that same beach that was cleaned up will be dirty again the next day.

But it’s so important to communicate the importance of helping our ocean’s delicate ecosystems.

“By showing the world the problem, it places the consequences of their actions right in front of their own eyes,” according to The Terramar Project. “ And by showing the world that you’re cleaning up their mess – it inspires people to make real changes in their everyday lives. This is why beach clean-ups are necessary and important.”

  • What: SeaLuxe’s Beachy Clean clean-up

  • When: Thursday, May 30, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. Stay for as little or as long as you like!

  • Where: Crescent Beach, Surrey, BC. Meet at Hooked Fish Bar at 12157 Beecher St, Surrey, BC V4A 3G2

  • Why: To do our part in saving our precious oceans!