Resist August Slacker Skin

The funny thing about mid-August is our tendency to slack off in the sun protection department.

Maybe it’s because we’ve just noticed how pale we are from being diligent with sunscreen until now (yours truly got a sunburn on her back last week for this very reason).

Maybe it’s because we got a bit tired of being so cautious (happens). Or maybe it’s because we’ve noticed night fall is coming in a little earlier and we want to take advantage of the golden rays before fall arrives.

This post is a reminder to keep up the good work and resist what we here at SeaLuxe headquarters call August Slacker Skin.

Resist the urge to work on a tan for the sole purpose of looking good when you go back to school/work/for next weekend’s wedding.

Even if you have a darker complexion, keep wearing sunscreen! Remember that a tan is actually your skin’s way of showing damage and darker skin is just able to hide that damage for longer!

We tend to forget about our lips. I know I fall into this category as I’m religious about applying chapstick with SPF when I’m on the ski slopes but then forget all about it in the summer.

As we’ve mentioned many times, diet is important for skin health. What you eat really makes a difference so stick to those delicious fruits and vegetables that are a’plenty at this time of the year. On that note, did you know that eating an orange, tomato, or watermelon gives your body a natural SPF boost if consumed 20 minutes before going in the sun?

Exfoliating your skin, including your feet, is important at this time of the year. Our skin is typically a little rougher at the end of summer compared to early summer.

Do this at night with a natural and gentle scrub such as SeaLuxe’s Ritual Rose body scrub and Goddess Grains facial cleanser and follow with a good moisturizer such as SeaLuxe’s perennial favourite Driftwood Body Butter. This allows the sunscreen to optimize the following day, rather than sticking to dead skin cells that rub or fall off right away.

We want you to enjoy your summer not only looking your finest but taking care of your skin’s health!