Healing Help

Many I know scoff at alternative medical treatments. Acupuncture? Quackery! Chiropractic? Watch out, you’ll get a stroke! Aromatherapy? Girlie air perfume! (Seriously.)


Being somebody who accepts the merits of alternative medicine, I’ve heard it all. Granted, I haven’t tried everything out there but the methods I have tried have been a godsend. This is something I’ve been meaning to write about for a while but thought that now would be a good time as it could be a gift for somebody in your life, or for yourself.

I didn’t even consider chiropractic care until a naturalpath recommended one to me a few years ago. My problem was that my right ear had been plugged for a year – giving it a feeling of “fullness” – and caused episodes of extreme vertigo. I went to numerous doctors who recommended I see an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist (which I did – three different ones). Not one helped. When I saw the chiropractor, he took X-rays and they showed my spine was so far out of alignment that it was crowding everything in my neck. Everything meaning the eustachian tube was not draining properly.

My ear cleared after three visits and now I go back regularly for preventative treatment.

I was reminded of this today when I was browsing a magazine over coffee at a local shop. An article by Fairlyn Kamer in this month’s issue of Common Ground caught my eye. Fairlyn wrote about how her sister, Sarah, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in every joint of her body when she was only 18 months old (“Light Up Your Life!”) . Sarah suffered chronic pain every day and was prescribed numerous anti-inflammatory and pain medicines – many of which put her in the hospital due to adverse reactions.

“By the time she was 20, she had less than 30 per cent cartilage left in most of her joints and had the bone density of a 70-year-old woman,” Fairlyn wrote.

Fast forward through years of suffering. Sarah turned 30 and was hospitalized due to sepsis. Damage was so severe, doctors said, that she may not walk again. So, Sarah looked at alternative treatments and found a LED Light Therapy clinic in Langley. After three weeks of treatment along with dietary treatments, Sarah no longer needed the prescribed immune system boosting and blood thinning drugs. On top of that, Fairlyn wrote, three months later she was able to stand and walk a few steps. Nine more months, she was able to walk again.

Sarah’s story is an inspirational one and shows that keeping your eyes and mind open to different medicinal methods can be a life-saver. Look no further than SeaLuxe’s Tanya Droege who discovered the powerful healing benefits of seaweed during her battle with thyroid cancer.

There is quackery out there, yes, but do your research. There may be a gift waiting.