Zit Remedies

When I was a teenager, I was into skincare. I cleansed, toned, and moisturized but, due to a limited income and knowledge, didn’t use the best quality products (soap! Alcohol-based drying toner! Cold cream!). When pimples appeared, I’d fry them away with Clearasil.

I thought the regime was good enough to “kill zits”, though, without realizing that I wasn’t doing my skin a whole lot of favours. To be fair, though, advertising companies targeted teenagers. Even before my day, ads put the fear of the zit god into teens.

A product called Sylvakleer was sold during the early 1970s as a tablet that was said to “increase the supply of an essential ingredient normally found in food, but which you could be lacking” and “they work through the bloodstream where the likely cause of those blemishes is to be found.” Ha!

Another ancient ad, this time for a product called Acnotabs, was also taken by tablet (maybe Brewer’s yeast?). This 1960s-era product promised that pimples would clear up “beautifully” and “YOU DON’T HAVE TO GIVE UP SWEETS!” (This not only got the attention of teenagers, but also the US Food and Drug Administration who took the company to court. Pannett Company, however, insisted their tests showed positive results when treated for acne.)

Quite funny.

But what’s not so funny are acne scars. Some of us have them, leftover evidence of acne attacks and/or picking at/popping those zits. Truly severe cases are best left to the cosmetic doctor to deal with, usually with surgery or laser resurfacing. There are a whole host of products on shelves geared towards healing scars but there’s not a whole lot of scientific evidence to prove that they actually work.

What can help, though, is using natural products. We should point out, though, that there’s not a whole lot of scientific evidence these work, either, but there are some studies supporting their effectiveness and some users swear by them.

Check out:

Rosehip seed oil. This is actually used in clinical practices involving post-surgical skin scars and researchers found that, in addition to being a solution to fight aging skin, it can reduce the appearance of scars and discolouration. Use SeaLuxe’s Rose Goddess Nectar to keep acne at bay as well as help those scars heal.

Honey. Use pure honey (and support your local beekeepers!) on wounds. Honey has natural antibacterial properties and can also speed the healing of wounds.

Black seed oil. This oil, otherwise known as nigella sativa, Here’s another oil that’s great for assisting in the healing of wounds. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties and the oil is anti-inflammatory. It is said to be a big helper when it comes to evening out pigmentation, according to this study.