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Beauty harvested from the ocean





I formulate luxe self-care products sourcing the best that nature has to offer. Each and every ingredient is chosen with a purpose and a conscience. Highly concentrated formulations that deliver exquisite results.

SeaLuxe is inviting you to a world of pure and nutrient-rich concoctions with every purchase. We won't cheapen your luxurious experience by adding extra fillers to make a buck. We certainly won't include any parabens, sulphates, petroleum, phthalates, chemicals, dyes or unnatural preservatives.

I've formulated our products for like-minded people who want a clean and healthy beauty product alternative and who also care about sustainable, ethical practices.

My soaps, cleansing grains, body butters -they don't just clean and moisturize, they flood your every pore with high levels of potent ingredients specifically chosen for their therapeutic properties.

What we're talking about...






Wild sustainable seaweed harvest

Delicious treats that your skin will feast upon. West Coast made, bio-dynamic, cruelty free, sustainable and conscious.

Introducing you to the miracles of our local ocean flora is my goal. I want you to discover your own ability to heal and preserve your skin through nutritious skin rituals! 

My products inspire healthy skin loving habits, making your daily routine a sought out ritual of appreciation and recognition of your personal beauty. Your self-care habits will reveal and radiate gorgeous skin.

SeaLuxe has been a labour of love. I love the process of researching, experimenting, sampling and trying new ideas. I love the creation process -from raw materials to pretty packaging. I love communicating with all our suppliers and love the feedback we get from our customers. I'm in this business because making you look and feel good makes me feel good. I hope you enjoy our goodies as much as me and my team enjoy making them.

xo Tanya


We’re on the lookout for local, well-curated shops with a fun atmosphere. If you feel like we would be a good fit for your lovely shop, then contact us here: